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Build Your Vocabulary 2: Intermediate

Author: John Flower, Michael Berman and Mark Powell Year: 1989Build Your Vocabular..

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Build Your Vocabulary 3: Upper Intermediate

Author: John Flower, Michael Berman and Mark Powell Year:1989Build Your Vocabulary..

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College Writing Skills with Readings

Author: John LanganYear: 2007John Langan's "College Writing Skills with Readings, Seven..

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Conversational Interaction in Second Language Acquisition

Author: Alison MackeyYear:  2007This edited collection of empirical studies provid..

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Core Syntax: A Minimalist Approach

Author: David Adger Year: 2003This is an introduction to the structure of sentences in ..

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English for IT and the Internet

Author: Gourlay, L & Hullock, PYear: 2006A practical guide to the language you need..

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English Intonation: An Introduction

Author: J. C. Wells Year: 2006Intonation - the rise and fall of pitch in our voice..

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English Vocabulary Organiser

Author: Chris Gough Year: 2001English Vocabulary Organiser is a comprehensive self-stud..

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Evaluating Your Students: Handbooks for Teachers

Author: Andy Baxter Year: 1999Richmond Handbooks for Teachers is a collection of m..

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Exploring Language and Literature

Author: Stephen CroftYear: 2000Exploring Language and Literature has been prepared spec..

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Handbook of the International Phonetic Association

Author: International Phonetic Association Year: 1999This book is a comprehensive guide..

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How to Write

Author: Alastair FowlerYear: 2007How to Write is an introductory guide to writing,..

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Internet English: www-Based Communication Activities

Author: Christina Gitsaki, Richard P. Taylor  Year: 1999"Internet English" helps studen..

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Introducing Phonetic Science

Author: Michael Ashby and John MaidmentYear: 2005This accessible new textbook presents ..

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Language and the Internet

Author: David Crystal Year: 2006 In recent years, the Internet has come to do..

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Listen Carefully: Listening Practice for Elementary Student

Author: Jack RichardsYear: 1990This book provides a lot of fun and egaging activities t..

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Literature (Resource Books for Teachers)

Author: Alan Duff and Alan MaleyYear: 1990 ..

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Make an Impact with Your Written English

Author: Fiona TalbotYear: 2009Writing effective business English is about creating clear, co..

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Oxford English for Electronics

Author: Eric Glendinning, John McEwanYear: 1993This book develops all four skills throu..

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Oxford English for Information Technology

Author: Eric H Glendinning, John McEwanYear: 2002This is an easy-to-use course for students ..

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Sociocultural Theory And the Genesis of Second Language

Author: James P. Lantolf and Steven L. ThorneYear: 2006This book integrates t..

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Start Building Your Vocabulary: Elementary

Author: John FlowerYear:1995Start Building Your Vocabulary is part of a series of ..

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Techniques in Teaching Vocabulary

Author: Virginia French AllenYear: 1983This book provides a sound basis for teaching vo..

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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

Author: David Crystal Year: 1997The most diverse, enjoyable, and thought-provoking ency..

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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

Author: David Crystal Year: 2003Rarely has a book so packed with accurate and well rese..

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The Cambridge Old English Reader

Author: Richard MarsdenYear: 2004The fifty-six prose and verse texts in this major new ..

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The Discourse Reader

Author: Adam Jaworski and Nikolas CouplandYear: 2006The Discourse Reader collects ..

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The Oxford Anthology of English Literature: 1800 to the present

Author: Frank Kermode and John HollanderYear: 1973This collection, published in six ind..

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The Oxford Companion to English Literature

Author: Margaret DrabbleYear: 2006The first edition of The Oxford Companion to Eng..

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The Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature

Editor: Pat RogersYear: 2005Britain possesses a literary heritage virtually unrivaled in the..

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The Process of Composition

Author: Joy M. ReidYear: 2011This series takes students from beginning-level instruction on ..

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Thinking in the EFL Class

Author: Tessa Woodward Year: 2011Thinking in the EFL Class offers over 30 well-tho..

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Writing and Presenting in English: The Rosetta Stone of Science

Author: Petey Young Year: 2006The Rosetta Stone of Science is a useful and practic..

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