Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences
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A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development

Author: John W. Santrock Year: 2005Reviewers and adopters have praised John Santro..

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Authors: Peter H. Raven and George B. JohnsonYear: 2010This title is committed to excel..

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Discrete Mathematics

Author: Kenneth Ross and Charles R. WrightsYear: 2002Revised for extra clarity, the distingu..

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Discrete Mathematics

Author: Kenneth A. Ross and Charles R. WrightYear: 2002Key Benefit: This book presents ..

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Elementary Differential Equations

Authors: William E. Boyce and Richard C. DiPrimaYear: 2004This revision of Boyce & ..

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Elementary Linear Algebra

Author: Howard AntonYear: 2004This classic treatment of linear algebra presents the fun..

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Formal Semantics of Programming Languages

Author: Glynn WinskelYear: 1993The Formal Semantics of Programming Languages provides t..

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Inverse Semigroups: The Theory of Partial Symmetries

Author: Mark V. LawsonYear: 1999Symmetry is one of the most important organizing princi..

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Marine Pollution

Author: R.B. Clark  Year: 2001The market leading textbook in marine pollution now ..

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Mathematical Statistics with Applications

Authors: Dennis D. Wackerly, William Mendenhall, Richard L. Scheaffer Year: 2007In thei..

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Authors: Robert Dinwiddie, Philip Eales, Sue Scott and Michael M. ScottYear: 2006Explore the..

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Probability Stats

Author: Murray R. Spiegel, John J. Schiller and R. Alu SrinivasanYear: 2000Schaum's Out..

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The Sciences: An Integrated Approach

Authors: James Trefil and Robert HazenYear: 2010Over 100,000 readers have relied on Trefil t..

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