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Advertising & IMC Out of Stock

Advertising & IMC

Author: Sandra Moritary, Nancy Mitchell,  William Wells Year: 2011 This title is a Pearso..

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An Economic Analysis of the EU

Author: Jorgen Drud Hansen, Jorgen Ulff-Mller Nielsen Year: 1997 The new edition of ..

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Applied Health Economics

Author:  Andrew M. Jones, Nigel Rice,Teresa Bago d'Uva and Silvia Balia  &nb..

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Basic Statistics for Business and Economics

Author: Douglas A. Lind, William G. Marchal, Samuel A. Wathen Year: 2008 The 7th edition of Li..

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Basic Statistics for Business and Economics

Author: Douglas A. Lind Year: 2010 Lind's Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, 7e..

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Business Analysis and Valuation Out of Stock

Business Analysis and Valuation

Author: Krishna G. Palepu Year: 2010 The new edition of "Business Analysis and Valuation"..

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Cash Return on Capital Invested

Author: Pascal Costantini  Year: 2006 In this book, Pascal Costantini gives a lively..

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Competition Policy Theory and Practice

Author: Massimo Motta Year: 2004 Offering a complete analysis of antitrust (or competitio..

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Conferences and Conventions: A Global Industry

Author: Tony Rogers Year: 2007 This book provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of t..

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Consumer Behaviour

Author: Solomon Year: 2010 In this textbook on consumer behaviour the author looks at how..

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Contemporary Auditing, International Edition

Author: Michael C. Knapp  Year: 2010 Knapp's "Auditing Cases, 8e, International Edition",..

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Contemporary Financial Intermediation

Author: Stuart I. Greenbaum and Anjan V. Thakor Year: 2007 Stuart Greenbaum and Anjan Tha..

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Corporate Governance And Sustainability: Challenges for Theory And Practice

Author: Dexter Dunphy and Suzanne Benn  Year: 2006 In recent years, as corporations ..

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Corporate Information Strategy and Management

Author: Lynda M. Applegate, Robert D. Austin, F.Warren McFarlan Year: 2006 Corporate Informati..

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Crafting and Executing Strategy : The Quest for Competitive

Author: Arthur A. Thompson Jr., III A. J. Strickland and John Gamble Year: 2007 Thompson, Stri..

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Economic Development

Author: Michael P. Todaro and Stephen C. Smith  Year: 2006 Todaro and Smith believe that ..

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Economics of European Integration

Author: Richard E. Baldwin and Charles Wyplosz Year: 2012 The Economics of European Integ..

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Economics of European Integration

Author: Richard E. Baldwin Year: 2009 With cutting-edge analysis of the contemporary status of..

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Essential Manager's Manual

Author: Robert Heller, Tim Hindle Year: 1998 Learn how to convey your message confidently by i..

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Essentials of Corporate Communication

Author: Cees B.M. Van Riel and Charles J. Fombrun Year: 2007 This lively and engaging new..

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Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Author: Thomas W. Zimmerer, Norman M. Scarborough Year: 2004 For courses in Small Business Man..

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Essentials of Managerial Finance

Author:  Scott Besley; Eugene F. Brigham Year: 2004 Essentials of Managerial Finance..

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Essentials of Services Marketing: Concepts, Strategies and Cases

Author: K. Hoffman and John E.G. Bateson Year: 2005 This book offers a managerial perspec..

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Financial Accounting

Author: James Stice, Earl Stice Year: 2007 Solid financial information and the ability to use ..

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Financial Risk Management

Author: Steven Allen Year: 2008 An insider's view of financial risk management. This comp..

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From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation

Author: Lesley De Chernatony Year: 2006 The second edition of  From Brand Vision to Brand..

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Fundamentals of Marketing

Author: Marilyn A. Stone and John Desmond Year: 2007 Fundamentals of Marketing provides a..

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Global Crises, Global Solutions

Author: Bjørn Lomborg  Year: 2004 This volume provides a uniquely rich set of argume..

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Global Industrial Relations

Editor: Michael J. Morley Year: 2006 Breaking new ground and drawing on contributions from the..

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Globalization and the International Financial System

Author: Peter Isard  Year: 2005 Economic globalization has given rise to frequent and sev..

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Globalization: The Key Concepts

Editor: Annabelle Mooney Year: 2007 Viewed as a destructive force or an inevitability of moder..

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How to Spend $50 Billion to Make the World a Better Place

Editor: Bjorn Lomborg Year: 2006  This abridged version of the highly acclaimed Global Cr..

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International Accounting: Standards, Regulations, Financial Reporting

Author: Greg N. Gregoriou and Mohamed Gaber  Year: 2006 This book includes a wi..

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International Business-Society Management

Author: Rob van Tulder and Alez van der Zwart Year: 2006 In the twenty-first century..

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International Business: A global perspective

Author: Marios Katsioloudes and Spyros Hadjidakis Year: 2011 Traditionally, international..

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International Dictionary of Hospitality Management

Author: Abraham Pizam Year: 2007 The International Dictionary of Hospitality Management is the..

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International Economics with MyEconLab: Global Edition

Author: Paul R. Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld and Marc J. Melitz Year: 2011 Nobel P..

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International Taxation Handbook: Policy, Practice, Standards and Regulation

Edited by Colin Read and Greg N. Gregonou Year: 2007 International taxation is evolving in res..

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Introducing Leadership

Author: David Pardey Year: 2006 Comprehensive and highly practical, Introducing Leadershi..

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Introduction to Economics

Author: Stephen Dobson   Year: 2004 Policies ceptionally accessible and fresh appr..

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Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide

Author: Malcolm McDonald and Diana Woodburn Year: 2005 As with other leading busines..

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Leadership in Organizations

Author: Gary Yukl Year: 2009 This title is a Pearson Global Edition.  The Editori al team..

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Learning to Think Strategically: Connecting the Dots

Author: Julia Sloan Year: 2006 To understand how successful strategists learn to do what they ..

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Author: Olivier Blanchard and David R. Johnson Year: 2012 Blanchard presents a unified an..

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Author: Oliver Blanchard Year: 2010 Blanchard (who is the Economic Counselor and Director of R..

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Management Accounting: A Business Planning Approach

Author: Noah P. Barsky and Anthony H. Catanach Year: 2004 Designed for use in introductor..

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Management Information Systems

Author: James A. O'Brien and George M. Marakas Year: 2005 This is the benchmark text..

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Management: A Practical Introduction

Author: Angelo Kinicki and Brian Williams Year: 2012 Blending research, practical applica..

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Managerial Accounting

Author: Ray H. Garrison, Eric W. Noreen and Peter C. Brewer Year: 2005 As the long-time best-s..

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Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment

Author: Ronald W. Hilton Year: 2008 The emphasis of "Managerial Accounting, 8e" is on teaching..

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