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Academic Encounters - Student's Book Reading and Writing

By Bernard Seal, Miriam Espeseth, Sanabria Kim and Jessica WilliamsLOW INTERMEDIATE TO ..

ALL 3,600 Ex Tax: ALL 3,600

Academic Vocabulary in Use

By Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'DellBook with answersIntermediate to Upper-intermediate /..

ALL 3,000 Ex Tax: ALL 3,000

Academic Writing Skills - Student's Book

By Peter Chin, Yusa Koizumi, Samuel Reid, Sean Wray and Yoko Yamazaki3 Levels: Low advance..

ALL 2,800 Ex Tax: ALL 2,800

Cambridge Academic English - Student's Book

By Martin Hewings, Craig ThaineAn Integrated Skills Course for EAPINTERMEDIATE TO ADVAN..

ALL 4,300 Ex Tax: ALL 4,300

Discovering Fiction - Student's Book

By Judith Kay and Rosemary Gelshenen3 Levels: Intermediate,Upper-intermediate,Advance..

ALL 3,400 Ex Tax: ALL 3,400

English for Academics

By British Council1 Book with Online AudioAcademic researchers / CEF Level: B1-B1+..

ALL 4,452 Ex Tax: ALL 4,452

Learning to Learn English - Learner's Book

By Gail Ellis and Barbara SinclairThis package provides a systematic course that enables s..

ALL 2,500 Ex Tax: ALL 2,500

Making Connections - Student's Book

By Ken Pakenham, Jessica Williams and Jo McEntire3 Levels: Low intermediate, Intermed..

ALL 3,000 Ex Tax: ALL 3,000

Read This! - Student's Book

By Alice Savage and Daphne Mackey3 Levels: High beginning, Intermediate, Low intermed..

ALL 3,100 Ex Tax: ALL 3,100

Skills and Language for Study - Student's Book

By Sarah Clark, Tamsin Espinosa, Craig Fletcher, Fred Gooch, Claire Henstock, Blair Matthews,..

ALL 4,000 Ex Tax: ALL 4,000

Skills for Effective Writing - Student's Book

4 Levels Course: Beginning to AdvancedDiscrete writing skills, such as creating topic sentences..

ALL 3,000 Ex Tax: ALL 3,000

Study Listening

By Tony LynchIntermediate, Upper-intermediate, AdvancedStudy Listening is for intermedi..

ALL 2,900 Ex Tax: ALL 2,900

Study Reading

By Eric H. Glendinning and Beverly HolmströmUpper-intermediateStudy Reading is a course..

ALL 2,900 Ex Tax: ALL 2,900

Study Skills in English

By Michael WallaceUpper-intermediate, AdvancedA complete course for students who are cu..

ALL 3,000 Ex Tax: ALL 3,000

Study Speaking

By Kenneth Anderson, Joan Maclean and Tony Lynch Intermediate, Upper-intermediate ..

ALL 3,100 Ex Tax: ALL 3,100

Study Tasks in English - Student's Book

By Mary Waters and Alan WatersIntermediate to Upper-intermediateThis course enables stu..

ALL 2,600 Ex Tax: ALL 2,600

Study Writing

By Liz Hamp-Lyons and Ben HeasleyA Course in Written English for Academic PurposesStudy..

ALL 2,900 Ex Tax: ALL 2,900