Reading & Writing

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Extracts 1: English fiction for advanced students

Level: Upper-intermediate–Advanced (B2–C1)A collection of literary extracts from 14 major Engli..

ALL 2,100 Ex Tax: ALL 2,100

Extracts 2 + CD

Level: Advanced (C1)This book provides 14 authentic extracts from modern and classical literatu..

ALL 2,100 Ex Tax: ALL 2,100


Level: Intermediate (B1)A collection of 12 short photocopiable plays, presenting situations and..

ALL 530 Ex Tax: ALL 530

Read & React

Level: Beginner–Intermediate (pre-A1–B1)Stimulating, up-to-date reading texts specifically aime..

ALL 2,100 Ex Tax: ALL 2,100

Reading Lessons

Level: Intermediate–Advanced (B1–C1)A photocopiable collection of stimulating, topical reading ..

ALL 2,915 Ex Tax: ALL 2,915

Writing Activities

Level: Elementary–Pre-Intermediate (A1–B1)Fun with writing for teenage students of English, wit..

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